Saturday, February 28, 2015

Peter Rabbit Birthday Party

Easter will be here in just a few weeks, so while we’re thinking of bunnies and Easter flowers I thought it would be timely to share our chickadee’s 2-year-old Peter Rabbit birthday party. Thinking that by his third birthday he might be more interested in not-so-sweet things such as turtles and superheroes, his mamá and I decided it was a now-or-never moment to do one more baby-theme party. (And aren’t I blessed to be able to be an integral part of the chickadees’ birthday parties?!)

I’ve always loved Peter Rabbit—especially his escapade into Mr. McGregor’s vegetable garden, so over the years (and I DO mean over the years, as in since my boys were little), I’ve bought quite a few cute Peter Rabbit things. Once the chickadees came along, even more were added, but I had NO.IDEA how much of it I had! It was so fun to start gathering it all for his party!

DSCN2704 We had three food stations, simply because, as is usually the case with our family gatherings, food is one of the main attractions—only second to the babies and family present. We pushed the table back into the bay window, and the Peter Rabbit canvas (found by our DIL at GW right before the party!) became the absolutely perfect backdrop.

We served cucumber and Boursin cheese tea sandwiches (left), an array of fresh veggies tumbling out of a large flowerpot, Brussels sprouts and bacon in a honey mustard glaze, and chicken salad in lettuce and cabbage leaf beds.

DSCN2689 A close-up of the fresh veggies tumbling out of a flower pot.

DSCN2695 The Wedgwood bowl we used for the Brussels sprouts is really a berry bowl with drainage holes at the bottom, but how could we resist using it for Mr. McGregor’s vegetables? Lettuce leaves solved the problem beautifully!


 2014. Collage, Food

The next food station was for drinks and desserts—yes, of course, carrot cake cupcakes!

DSCN2697  Here’s where we were able to showcase a good portion of the Peter Rabbit collection, along with blue bunny Peeps, an Easter egg tree with tiny carrots, and a Peter vignette. We purchased the darling Meri Meri Peter Rabbit wheelbarrows as well as the cupcake liners, but I’m thankful that our son and DIL like to use “real” plates and silverware for their parties, so we didn’t purchase the other Peter Rabbit paper products.

DSCN2709 And what farm would be complete without chickens? Our DIL’s grandmother’s s&p shaker set were the perfect touch.

DSCN2700 Aren’t these wheelbarrows the absolute sweetest?! You can see that the babies’ Bunnykins bowl was also in use (behind the wheelbarrows).

DSCN2702 Are you noticing the carrots on the cupcakes yet? I’ll tell you about those in a minute. Yes, they’re edible. :)

DSCN2708 The little ones’ drinks were in carrot-adorned plastic bottles (psssst…remember when I made them for Baby Love Chickadee’s shabby chic lil cowgirl birthday party here? I like to use these because 1) they have a lid, and 2) they’re plastic, so they’re safe—oh, and 3) They’re so, so cute! And please don’t tell anyone, but they’re nothing more than Nestle chocolate milk bottles!) It just so happened that in my stash of Easter goodies I had the darling carrots to add to them (somehow we just know when we see things that someday we’re going to need them, don’t we?). My rusty carrier seemed like the perfect “garden fence” to corral the bottles.

2014.4 Collage, carrots

DSCN2698 Watering cans (oh, I have maybe a dozen or more, for someday), and rattan (?) carrots (you can see them better here and here, and if you look carefully you’ll see the teeny carrot “clothespins” used as name card holders…again, a someday purchase). The base for this vignette is a vintage metal Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd. Peter Rabbit tray I had to have, from an auction.

DSCN2713 Our third station was in the dining room, where we used my tiered basket for potted herbs and extra cupcakes.


DSCN2716  I promised I would tell you about the carrots on the carrot-cake cupcakes. They were sooooo fun to make! I’d never worked with marzipan before, and although I could’ve used the carrots that I instead used for the drink bottles, I just had it in my head that I wanted to MAKE the carrots!


  Using food coloring, I made the marzipan orange, molded it into teeny carrots, complete with the cross lines, and used fresh dill as their tops.

DSCN2687 That ornery Peter just had to try them!

DSCN2719 Mr. McGregor’s harvest, all lined up in garden rows, accompanied a sweet Peter Rabbit puzzle and book in the family room.

DSCN2721 The chicken-wire cloche was a good way to keep Peter away from the fresh fruit, and yes, that’s the darling chickadee.

DSCN2722 The drink station of course had to have…V8 VEGETABLE JUICE, along with other refreshments.

2014. Collage, Tote  We used the chickadees’ darling Peter Rabbit Easter “baskets” as the base for the chickadee’s balloons.


DSCN2775  And finally, the chickadee’s own cupcake—on his Bunnykins dish, of course!

DSCN2756-001  On his 2nd birthday he wore the outfit his Papá wore for Easter many years ago, exactly as he did, with knee socks and high-top leather boots. Do you think that makes this Ata’s heart happy? :)

I’m so excited about sharing this fun birthday party with you! I hope you enjoyed it! Their birthday parties are so much fun!

I can’t wait to hear from you! And if you’ve worked with marzipan I want to hear about that too, and the masterpieces you’ve created. It wasn’t hard to work with it at all, so I’ll certainly be using it again!


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  1. Oh my goodness! You should be a party planner. all of the decorations are so cute and the food is served in a way to carry out the theme perfectly. I love Peter Rabbit. It's a classic. The little carrots you made for on top of the cupcakes made me smile.

  2. Zuni, this is so cute! (Hard to believe it's almost time for birthday #3 for our little boys!) I love your Peter Rabbit theme. It's a favorite of mine, too, although I've never done a party. Last year Little Sir was into HIPPOS of all things, and his Mommy found the cutest Mama and Baby hippo decorations for his cake... and then she painted and cut edible "swamp grass" to put on every side of the cake. What we do for those little ones... :-)

  3. Zuni, Zuni, Zuni! I'm losing my mind here! What an utterly charming birthday party! Then, your little chickadee, he's a living doll! How handsome! Your cupcakes are perfect, and I'm so impressed with your marzipan artistry! I hope you post a tutorial. The 3-tiered basket seems to be getting a lot of mileage and rightly so. I love the little herb pots on the bottom tier. Everything was just perfect!

  4. What a lovely party! Your grandson is precious! My son wore outfits like that and they were passed on to his 4 sons. Classics!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi Zuni,

    What a terrific idea for a party! The honored one sure is handsome. Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  7. A terrific party! I love Easter, I love Peter Rabbit and I love those edible carrot decorations! Plus a handsome birthday boy. Love that outfit! WHat a lovely idea that was! Have a great week and thanks for sharing.

  8. Everything turned out so cute! Great idea and your grandson is adorable!

  9. Totally adorable! Love the way you did the vegetables spilling out of the flower pot and the potted herbs with your marizpan topped cupcakes!

  10. Oh my mercy! What a wonderful party! So sweet and cute. Love it all. You are very talented and gifted lady! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Beautiful party. And the memories I have from reading our Peter Rabbit book to my kids! The book finally fell apart, from love. Ha! Thanks for visiting me too! I will be back.

  12. Wow way to host a birthday party!! All the thought and tidbits are amazing and the fact he is wearing his Papa's outfit...I am dying over this whole party!! Please come link up to my party CPW (Centerpiece Wednesday) and share this post with us!

  13. What a sweet birthday party for such a cutie!! My oldest is 15 and when she was born I did her nursery in Beatrix Potter:-)
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog following you back!

  14. My goodness I am highly impressed with all the details you put together! You deserve high praise for all this effort! Who doesn't like the Peter Rabbit theme! Love the picture of your grandson in your son's outfit! I wish I had kept things like that. Kudos to you and your daughter in-law for such a cute and well done party!

  15. Oh, what a party! This is what we call a Pinterest Party! Every item is worthy of being pinned. Wow, those wheelbarrows are fabulous. Where did you get those? I adore the little bottles. Fun to know where they came from and the carrots tied on are adorable. You must have worked forever on the details. I adore the marzipan carrots too!
    Fantabulous! (As we love to say! Fantastic and Fabulous all rolled into one!!)

  16. Oh my gosh! I think this is just the most adorable thing ever! So creative!
    I would love it if you would stop by my blog and join our link party Something to Talk About!
    We run Monday's 6am- Thursday!
    Have a great weekend!

  17. What an adorable theme for the party, Zuni ! The menu and all the decor are wonderful. I'm especially in love with your marzipan carrots...too cute!!! Your little chickadee looks so darling in his Papa's outfit. Happy Birthday to the sweet boy.

  18. Zuni, I finally repaired the internet problem!! Something different was loose (I write "different", because it is usually the same thing) and, as soon as I plugged it back into the surge protector, I was off and running. Anyway, this party was adorable!! I, too, am a Peter Rabbit fan and wish that I had your extensive collection. I am sure the young Chickadee had a wonderful time. He is a pretty cute little "bunny" himself!

  19. Hi there, I hopped over from Masterpiece Monday. This is too cute for words--love, love, love it! Blessings, Cecilia

  20. Well sweet Zuni, I was looking forward to seeing this and you did not disappoint! Love everything about it. The veggies coming out of the pot are just so fun and that canvas is absolutely fabulous! Loved seeing your collections. You put everything together fabulously and the carrots are so darn cute! I have never worked with marzipan, but had a niece that did. Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you this week.
    p.s. Little man is so darling in that outfit!

  21. Amazing, Adorable and Mouth-Watering! :) LOVE!

  22. Oh my goodness...such a sweet, sweet party and all the goodies you made so darling! I just love the cupcakes too - you made such realistic looking carrots:)
    I think the little birthday boy looks so adorable in his party clothes...sure he enjoyed his party!!
    Visiting from Roses of Inspiration today!
    Hugs and blessings!

  23. Oh my that looks like such a fun party. Those cupcakes are so cute and the birthday boy, adorable.

  24. such a fun table, love the bunnies pushing the carts filled with cupcakes!

  25. the most adorable birthday party! those Peter Rabbit wheelbarrows with the cupcakes are so sweet. What a darling little guy, his little suit is precious! thanks so much for joining in, Zuni!

  26. Zuni, thanks for sharing on Karen's Up on The Hill! You are my feature post tomorrow for Something to talk About! I can't wait to see what you share this week!
    Have a great day!

  27. Just adorable, Zuni! I love Peter Rabbit and have many different things here in my own home that I use and have on display that are Peter Rabbit related. I might even be caught watching the cartoon when I am flipping through the channels. : ) The food all looks so yummy and I love how you set everything up. What a great find on the canvas from the thrift store.

  28. Good morning, dear Zuni! Just wanted to pop in and let you know this post has been featured at Roses of Inspiration :) Thank you for linking up last week! Hugs!

  29. Congratulations on being featured at "Roses of Inspiration". That is where I found you :) I also love Peter Rabbit so this was a joy to read! You are so very creative!! The carrot cupcakes amongst everything else were all darling! I look forward to following along!

  30. Zuni, I'm so happy you shared this link with me. This party is adorable from start to finish. I have two grand nieces that I hope will want a Peter Rabbit party in the near future. Or I might just have a party for myself. Ha! I tried to order a set of those adorable wheel barrow cup cake holders, but they are no longer available here in the states. I found a source in the UK, and hopefully a friend who is there now will return with a set for me. Like I mentioned, I've been collecting Bunnykins when I can find it reasonably priced.
    I'm off to add some pins to my Peter Rabbit board. Thanks!

  31. Forgot to comment on the adorable little chickadee. How precious to have him wear that outfit. And, guess what? I have one of the Peter Rabbit basket bags too! ;-)

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