Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pre-wedding Dinner Party

The excitement is building!  Our son is getting married in 12 short days.  Amidst all the to-do lists, the last-minute details, and the stress, tonight my mother provided the bride and groom and my husband and me with a much-needed, and much-enjoyed respite--a lovely dinner party to celebrate their upcoming wedding.

The Battenberg runner and placemats, silver pieces, and white china with
a black band and gold rim set the tone.
The red flowers--plants from her garden--and the candles and napkins added a beautiful touch of color.

The china is new to her--a recent fabulous find at an auction--and it was so perfect
for the occasion that I commented that it reminded me of a tuxedo...
The pattern?  Black Tie, by Mikasa!
How apropos.

The butter in its own covered butter dish,
with mint garnish.

Crystal bobeches...such a beautiful and sparkly touch on the silver candlesticks.

And silver and crystal salt cellars.

Silver tea service, including a gorgeous samovar, is a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. 

Then for dessert...

Espresso to accompany dessert...served on a silver tray.
Have you ever seen such a beautiful demitasse set?
Another recent auction find, my mother remembers an
identical set at her childhood home.
We don't know the pattern--can anyone help us there?

A gold band on the cup and saucer, and this woman, whose
dish addiction I've inherited, just happens to have
gold demitasse spoons and sugar server!
I told you I come by it honestly! :)

And the set even has its own holder!

Isn't it the sweetest?

The after-dinner drink--Bailey's Irish Cream--was served in the living room.
The pink Depression glass cordials are new to her too, and the pattern
remains to be determined.  For now let's just call it "Beautiful."
Too bad that the other pictures I took of them were blurry--I'm lucky to have gotten
these with my phone (!), as I forgot my camera. 

Thank you for visiting and sharing in our happy family occasion!  I'd love to hear from you.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Autumn Table

Today I got home from work vvveeerrry late, after sitting at my desk for a looonngg time, so no sitting down to blog for a while!  I know!  I'll do a table!  Down to the basement several times! Up and down on the step stool! Reach and stretch!  Move!

So here it Autumn Table.

You'll notice the same hurricanes I've used in other posts.  They are so versatile, that I've decided to keep transforming them until I have a full year of transformations.  So here they are, dressed for my autumn table.

The chargers are from Big Lots, many, many years ago.  The luncheon and salad plates are Johnshon Brothers "Friendly Village," which I use only in the fall.  The twig place card holders are from Pottery Barn, several years ago, and the knives on the right are very old--Meriden Cutlery Company.

A little story about these napkins...I had searched high and low for
just this shade of purple napkins (which is not accurate in this picture,
but it is in the others), and there they were, brand new, in the condo
where were stayed while on vacation in Siesta Key.  I actually
called the owner and asked her to sell them to me!  Now,
is that a serious condition? :)
I bought about 18 of the Meriden Cutlery at a community
antique/garage sale.  I had no idea whether they had any
$ value, but I fell in love with them.  I don't remember
how much I paid for them, but I know it wasn't much.

French carafe, purchased about six weeks ago at White Magnolia, a beautiful shop
in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

I don't remember when Pottery Barn was founded, but my sweet mother-in-law
bought these beautiful goblets for me when PB was very new.  I've used
them over and over.

Are these not the sweetest?  My mother bought a set for herself and one for me
several years ago, to use them as salt and pepper cellars--isn't that clever?!
Their chargers are from another favorite store of mine--The Morgan House.  
And the sterling salt spoons?  A gift from my mother (are you seeing a pattern throughout
my posts?)  She feeds my habit!  I come by my dish and table "affliction" honestly. :)

I can't wait for our DILs to arrive for dinner!

As we say in Spanish, "Buen provecho!"
which loosely translated means
"Enjoy your meal/Eat well!" 

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Now I have TWO questions for YOU:
  1. Do you know what is in the bottom section of the middle hurricane?  Please tell me if you do!
  2. If you have any information on Meriden Cutlery, please share!
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

China Cabinet Metamorphosis

The time has come...with our son's wedding in three weeks, the china cabinet is something I can get done NOW.  It's time to put the light, cool colors away and bring in the warm colors of fall.

Here's one last look at summer...

A few close-ups to remember summer 2011 -- Delamere & Blue Room Collection Spode, "Heritage" Depression glass plates (I love how they reflect the light), and our Precious and her daddy's hands in a Waterford frame.

Our sons' Bunnykins (Royal Doulton) and silver cups, now used by our grandbabies.

Since this is a before-and-after post...the baby cups are a bit tarnished....  The baby jewelry
was mine, now our Precious wears it.

~Our baby granddaughter and our son's hands~

Now to find a place for all of this...

Ta-dah!  I'ts fall at our house!

Johnson Brothers "Friendly Village" and Table Art sugar spoon.
The goblets are from Pottery Barn, many, many years ago.

Pumpkin soup tureen and pumpkin salt cellars were gifts from my mom.

The sterling salt spoons are "Eloquence" by Lunt (also a gift from my mom).
And the precious little one?  Our Baby G

Dried hydrangeas and bittersweet,
and our baby boy.

This beautiful pitcher is a gift from our youngest son.

I've had these pumpkins for years, and I use them for decorating
year after year.

So what do you think?  Does it say "Fall" now? 
I included lots of pictures for those other souls who, like me, love to
see every nook and cranny.

Happy fall to all!
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tea for Cookie

I am blessed to have a long-time friend who moved away many years ago, and we have maintained our lovely friendship the old-fashioned way--through letters.  Her letters are so special, that when one arrives my husband sets it on top of all the mail, so I'll see it first.  Sometimes I don't read it right away...I save it for when I have time to enjoy our visit.  Often we don't respond to each other's letters right away--for me, part of my enjoyment is thinking about what I will write next.

In August she was in town, and we were able to visit!  The logical choice--come to our home for tea.  A restaurant would've been far too impersonal for this sweet friendship and rare visit.

Our Tea Party ~

We enjoyed our tea in the great room, where we could sit comfortably.  Dessert plates are Depression glass, Heritage pattern, by Federal (a gift from my mother), and the precious Depression glass tea cups, from my mother-in-law, are Cherry Blossom, by Jeannette Glass.  Pitcher is Waterford Lismore.

The iced tea goblets are Godinger/Shannon, Sutton Place pattern.
The silver flatware is Oneida King James.

Mini croissant cucumber, cream cheese and chives tea sandwiches
Blueberries in silver Revere bowl
Chocolate chip mini muffins
G'Day Melaleuca Herbal Tea

The creamer (Fostoria, "American" pattern) (and the matching sugar bowl) as well as
the beautiful sugar spoon (1847 Rogers Bros., "Columbia") were a hostess gift
from my sister-in-law when I hosted her daughter-in-law-to-be's bridal shower.
I bought the sweet little violet plate (Victoria Carlsbad, Austria) at this year's
Decorator's Show House gift shop.

I bought this precious miniature cake plate as a gift...
but found I couldn't part with it.

The linens are vintage, collected over many years.

Flowers from our garden.
So tell you still write letters?  If you do, whom do you write?  Do you save the letters you receive?  What stationery do you use?

Thanks for stopping by.  I love your comments, so please stop by and let me know you visisted me.

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