Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Dress Rehearsal

I haven't done a tablescape for a few weeks; afterall, we did have a wedding to prepare for--and happily.  But amazingly, I've missed my tablescape blogging friends, and since I'm new to blogging I have now realized that there are different friends for different types of posts.  I'll get this all figured out soon, I hope.  :)

I've done quite a bit with fall now, so I wanted to do something a little different.  I decided I wanted to do a fall table, but using my blue and white floral Spode...something that I could maybe use for our Thanksgiving table.  Hmmmm.  I usually think of blue and white as a cool, summer setting, or perhaps a winter one, but fall?  I really had to think on that one. 

Then it came to me--add brown.  Not orange (I'm kind of OD'd on orange right now).  I envisioned small twig pumpkins for each placesetting, but how many stores would I have to hit before I found them (I did hit 2--nothing of the sort).  So "shopping" at home was the next best thing, and here's the end result.

My first challenge was the table cover/linens, because I wanted the warmth of textile.
My pashmina/silk shawl, in blues and browns and golds fit the bill.
For the real Thanksgiving dinner I think I'll use a neutral tablecloth, and use the shawl as
an additional layer.

Because the shawl has gold in it too, I wanted to work with golds instead of silver...
and it just so happens that my dear grandmother gave me a set of gold flatware
years ago.  It was starting to come together.
I used our Lenox Eternal dinner plates as chargers, only to bring the touch of gold and
additional dimension.
Blue & white dishes:  Spode Delamere
Brown turkey plates:  Royal Stafford
Water goblets:  Pottery Barn, many years ago
Wine stems:  Pristine by Reizart/Gorham
Amazingly, my shawl has blue accents...perfect for the dishes.
Isn't it awesome how things sometimes just come together?
We might not know where we're headed with a tablescape, and it slowly begins
to evolve as we shop the house.  FUN.
More accessories falling into place...
The acanthus leaf centerpiece from my mother years ago, snippets of brown leaves
from the fall decorating bins, and candles and crystals from
our son's recent wedding.
Remember Bombay Company? Much of my blue and white is from there...still miss that store.
The beautiful paperweight was a gift from our DIL's uncle--handmade by him!  What a beautiful piece!
Rumpled linen napkins (Crate & Barrel) to match the rumpled shawl.
See who's watching all the goings on??  Jack-o-lanterns!  They're making sure
I don't forget THEIR holiday and go directly to Thanksgiving!

Daytime...Chance to see what the REAL table will look like.

So tell me...will you be serving Thanksgiving at your house?
Do you know how you're going to set your table?  I'm glad to have my table setting
"issues" resolved!  But I'm wondering about the candles.  Do you light candles
during daylight meals?  And if no, do you still have them on the table?

I love to hear from you. Every comment goes to my email, so I won't miss it.  And if you're
kind enough to follow me I promise to follow you back.

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  1. Good morning, sweet Zuni! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I am sitting here listening to some "oldies" and relaxing a bit before going down to start Sunday dinner. takes me all day. I am s-l-o-w when it comes to Sunday dinner! Your pashmina is beautiful, and it is the perfect foundation for the mix of blue, brown & gold you've created. It IS fun to shop the house for inspiration and flesh it out from there! I think it really challenges us and brings our creative thinking to the fore. I am so fond of the brown Spode. I am still kicking myself for not buying a set when I found it at a great price a couple of years back. I don't know what I was thinking. Glad to see you repurposing items from your son's wedding!!! Isn't that the greatest when something will continue to work for you after the main event?!! I am STILL using candles from my stepson's wedding which was 3 years ago! (I used a LOT of candles for the reception!) The Acanthus leaf round is a perfect accent!!!!! I like how you raised it all up a bit. Bombay Company....LOVED that place for accessories! I was sad to see it go, too. They had some of the best clearance sales! Looks like you are all ready to create a fabulous Thanksgiving Day table! Thanksgiving is "my" holiday. The "matriarch apparent" in our family always gets Thanksgiving, so it's mine until I'm too old or sick of it. We often move the majority of the furniture out of the living room and put in a long table that seats 14 in addition to doing a table for 6 in the dining room and a small table either on the lower level (for the people who just HAVE to watch the game live instead of DVRing or pausing it!) or kitchen (for messy little kids). I generally start setting up a week or so ahead so that I can concentrate on the food prep on Wednesday and Thursday morning. I'm always exhausted after! I don't even have the energy to hit the Black Friday sales!!! Glad to see you back, Zuni! Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. I love and miss the Bombay Company too. Your Thanksgiving table is gorgeous. I love the browns, golds and blues and the turkey plates! I do light candles during the day ... Thanksgiving dinner is a celebration!!!! Happy Seasonal Sunday!

  3. Very beautiful and well thought out Thanksgiving Table! The colors blend so nicely and the added texture of the shawl is stunning!
    Fall colors are so warm, deep and inviting! Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment! Have a wonderful day!

  4. I love how your Thanksgiving table turned out! And yes, I do light candles during the day...

  5. Such a pretty tablescape!! Yes, I do light candles during the day. I think they make for a cozy, comfy atmosphere. If you like it, then do it!!! I'm visiting from Seasonal Sundays.

  6. Oh my, such a beautiful tablescape. I love it. Everything is just so pretty and I love the shawl on the table, perfect colors. Your blue and brown is stunning an every accessory is so perfectly chosen. Beautiful. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Love it all. hugs, Marty

  7. How beautiful! I am a tablescaping junky and love your post. I would love for you to link it up at my Savvy HomeMade Monday blog party tomorrow! I am happy to be following you back!

  8. Hi Zumi!
    I love the look of this, just lovely! The shawl has wonderful colors.

    I don't know what Tgiving will bring, but even if I don't have it here, I will set a table just for fun!

    I see you have found plenty of parties to link with.
    Here from Seasonal Sunday!

  9. Spectacular!! And I love that you raided your closet for inspiration. Gives me more ideas! :) If the weather is nice I think I may set up tables outside for Thanksgiving. Most years it's sunny and in the 50's so people gravitate to the porch anyway. But it's always a buffet because we have lots of people and not enough room for a sit down dinner. Outside, I can rent some tables and seat everyone. I can't believe I am even thinking this since it rained for the wedding party (which was outside) LOL.....

  10. Hi, not sure if you are following me yet but I just wanted to say how much I love your Thanksgiving table. I love the gold flatware that was handed down. To me that is something to be thankful for, Family memories to be cherished. Thank you for sharing your tablescape. I need to get going on mine,so you have inspired me. Blessings, Wanda

  11. OOh I love your pedestal.. it's so charming. I do love the pashmina and the colors, well they are unexpected and perfect. I love the blue and brown.. great great table.. xo marlis

  12. Oh I love everything -- Thanksgiving will be GORGEOUS!

    Thank you for your sweet visit :)

    See you soon

    Jenny xo

  13. Zuni, you nailed it! Brown was the perfect choice. I suspect it will be a quiet Thanksgiving at our house which would be fine with me this year. Just posted tonight of our weekend's big event - and I'm ready for a break!

  14. Oh this is lovely! Any excuse for candles and we light them. I hit the +1 button to recommend this on google and I am sharing this lovely table on pinterest and twitter. Beautifully done!

  15. This is beautiful! I love the blues with the browns!


  16. So glad you found my newbie party. I love your table scape. You mixed the colors and patterns so lovely. So warm and inviting, I will be right over. Thanks for sharing. Can you please add my link amongst these other lovely hostesses. Thank you.

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  18. Your tablescape looks beautiful! I love that you mixed the brown and blue together ... and, fabulous idea adding your shawl as the base. Love the rumpled napkins, too, along with the cute pumpkins in the background on your festive porch!

  19. Hi Zuni, I'm a real fan of using a Pashmina. They make a great statement on your it. Great tablescape. I'm your newest follower....looking forward to reading more of your ideas. Thanks, Helen

  20. What a beautiful tablescape! I love the blue, gold and brown in the shaw and also the turkey plates! The grouping of the Halloween pumpkins are so cute lit up at night, love that too!
    I'm your newest follower and I too look forward to reading your other posts!
    Thanks, Rondell

  21. Love the mix of the brown and blue plates together, an unexpected surprise! Laura, Cottage and Broome

  22. How pretty is this table! Everything looks gorgeous. I love the blue added in. We will be spending thanksgiving at our family cabin which is deep in the woods. My whole family will be up there so, there won't be any fancy table set but, lots of good found and fun conversation!

  23. Beautiful color combination (no orange in sight!) and your pashmina is so elegant! The gold flatware adds richness, too!

  24. Oh, soooo elegant, Zuni! Gorgeously soft, muted colors & such beautiful accoutrements. Well done, Honey, well done!

    My 'puter was sick with a virus last month so I almost missed seeing this. I'm so glad I clicked on "older posts".


    p.s. Add me to the long list of folks who miss Bombay Company. I wonder what happened that caused them to close???

  25. Your Thanksgiving table rehearsal is very timely. The brown, blue and white colors are very Fallish, and a good way. I need to decide about my table. I won't have lighted candles as we'll have 3 small boys at the table.
    Last year I had chunky candleholders with flameless candles.(not my first choice, but safer. This year probably no candles. I may look for turkey plates, just for them and coordinating plates of some sort for the adults. As you see, I NEED to shop and do a rehearsal. Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. It's just beautiful! I love the way the blue pops with the brown! Great job! I don't dare do lighted candles with 5 (wild) grandchildren! Lol! I would love for you to link up Thursday (actually it starts tonight) to It’s a Party!

  27. I love the mix of blue and brown in your Thaksgiving table! It is so rich and has that old world luxe! Beautiful!!!!
    Congratulations on your award! You are off to a brilliant start!
    I am a new follower!

  28. Your blue and brown tablescape is right up my happiness alley. I like the texture that you achieved by scrunching the tapestry runner...great choice. Delamere is one of my 'someday' the brown. Thank you for inviting us to your beautiful tablescape. Cherry Kay

  29. Zuni, you table is fantastic. You sure did not miss any details. I love love the color scheme and the dishes are so pretty.

  30. Just beautiful! Yes it is nice to be able to shop our homes and love it when I all comes together! Yes I will do candles in the afternoon or for supper even if not dark.

  31. Zuni,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't have much time to commit to blogging, but it sure is fun to have someone leave a comment. Your Thanksgiving table is wonderful! Great details and layering, warm and eclectic. I like the idea of mixing transferware colors and using the scarf to tie it all together. Great job. I will visit again soon! ~CJ

  32. Beautiful table, Zuni...the pashmina makes a great table covering...the brown atop the blue is really quite pretty, but I think anything looks great with blue.
    Have a great weekend.

  33. Love your table!! I have been using blue and white a lot with Christmas and fall settings, and I think it's just perfect! I really love blue and brown also. I have very similar candlesticks to yours also. Beautiful, inviting table!!

  34. Oh this is got to be the prettiest combo for anything...brown/white and Blue/white! Your table is stunning, I love everything from the pretty transfer plates, to the glasses, the rumpled shawl and the candle arrangement up in the cake pedestal stand. Wonderful! Hugs, FABBY

  35. I love your tablescape... it has the essence of fall without the use of the traditional orange! Plus, the simplicity of leaves and raffia around the candle it beautifully subtle. Have a lovely weekend!

  36. This is completely breathtaking--WOW!!!

  37. Great table!! I love the blues and browns together, this is my kind of Thanksgiving table. Transferware is so wonderful to use and layer.

  38. Your dress rehearsal is gorgeous. I adore the way you have dressed your table with the shawl on the angle. It's a lovely idea for a table for two. Brown, white and blue: love it!

    Thanks for linking this beautiful tablescape to Potpourri Friday!

  39. Soo pretty! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!!! :)

  40. Beautiful. Love the turkey plates. Just discovered your blog and I love it. I'm a new follower. Hope you stop by and check out my blog. I also have a link party every Monday. Would love for you to stop by and link up.

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